The college

Building and services

The College F. lli Cairoli was founded in 1781 as a German-Hungarian College for students of Theology by the Emperor Joseph II of Austria, renovating, on a design by Leopoldo Pollack, the building of the 14th century Convent of St. Francis attached to the Church of the same name. Closed by General Bonaparte in 1796, it became a barracks and remained so until 1947, when the Military Property gave it to the University of Pavia for the return of the College. It was opened on November 4, 1948 with the name of College Brothers Cairoli.
. The srutture develops on four floors.
On the ground floor there are laundry facilities, gymnasium, chapel and exhibition hall.
On the first floor breakfast room, TV room, music room (with piano), study room, teaching rooms and library.
On the two upper floors there are 95 single rooms of the students; the toilets are shared every two rooms.
Guided tours of the College can be arranged in agreement with the secretariat.

Piano terra
Sala mostre
Primo piano
Sala colazione
Sala TV
Sala studio
Sala musica
Sala ritratti
Aula magna
Secondo e terzo piano
95 camere alunni
Cucina principale
Cucina secondaria
Terrazzo est
Terrazzo ovest
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Librarian heritage

The library of the Cairoli College houses more than 50,000 volumes and is the guardian of a series of important legacies of former students and personalities of the Pavese Academy. It is regularly used as a study room by the students of the College.


Students can take part in the College's sports teams for the following sports: football, basketball, volleyball, country running and dragon boat. Each of these teams has an agreement with the CUS and regularly participates in tournaments with the other colleges of the university.
Sport in Cairoli College is an excellent opportunity to get involved and meet people from other colleges and faculties.
The students of the College also organize the Wave Run: a run through the streets of Pavia open to all students of the University who want to do motor activity in company. All the events organized by the College's Students are available on the Facebook page edited by the collegiality.
Collegio Cairoli - Eventi

College life

Living in a College has very little like living in an apartment. Staying in College means belonging to a community that lives daily with a common goal.
Students in college often eat, study together and make such solid friendships that they last for a lifetime.
There are many activities that students can choose to do: mentorships held by senior students, the College Choir, sports tournaments, the organization of conferences and extra-curricular courses, participation in group visits and excursions; lastly, the goliardic activity, which still carries out, in a modern way, the traditions present in the College, proposing for the first months of the academic year a series of activities to be carried out in groups, to allow the freshmen to get to know each other and develop the sense of belonging.