History and activity

On 20 January 1979, 30 years after the entrance of the first students in the Cairoli College, 9 Students and the Rector of the College Marco Fraccaro formed the Pupils Association of the Cairoli Brothers College.
. During those first 3 decades they had studied over 500 students in Cairoli. For some of the first to enter (the ancestors) the College represented a sort of first house after the tragedies of the war; for all the community of study and friendships, which would be maintained for life. The students came from every region; Cairoli was a "public" university college: one should not have been born in Lombardy or at least by Lombardy parents to access it. We entered the College and remained there for school merit.
The association is still very active within the walls of the College, and organizes a cycle every year. of conferences called "Thursday of Cairoli" where prestigious figures are invited from all over Italy.


The Alumni Association offers, through donations from its members or from external benefactors, Study Grants for residential purposes at the College or for periods of study and work in Italy and abroad.

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The alumni association of the College is able to offer concrete help to students (through scholarships, conferences, etc.). mainly thanks to the voluntary donations of its members and third parties interested in supporting the purposes.
If you are interested in making a donation, you can contact the secretariat via the contact details on the contact page.

The college celebrates the 90th birthday of the student Mino Milani

Honorary students

Luigi BERTONE, Franco BOGGERI, Ferdinando BONA, Marziano BRIGNOLI, Orio CIFERRI, Remo DAL MASO, Salvatore DE RISKY, Mario DONDI, Francesco ERRICHIELLO, Emilio GABBA, Renato GARIBALDI, Giancarlo GRECO, Mino MILANI, Vittorio ORTALI, Roberto PALUDETTI, Adalberto PIAZZOLI, Luciano RAIMONDI, Angelo RAVETTA, Ugo REITANO, Hans RICHTER, Faustino SAVOLDI, Roberto SCHMID, Luciano TIEPOLO, Ulrich WOLF, Mino MILANI, Adalberto PIAZZOLI, Michele DE LUCA, Giuseppe MIGLIO, Giacomo RIZZOLATTI.