College Life

The one of a kind experience of college life

Living in College has little to do with living in an apartment.
In college, students often have meals and study together, and create such solid bonds to last a lifetime. There are many activities students can take part of: tutoring activities held by older students, the College Choir, sports tournaments, conferences and courses, excursions. Last but not least, Goliardy brings on the College’s traditions, offering a series of group activities for the first few months that allow first year students to know each other and develop a sense of belonging.

Culture and conferences

During the academic year 2018/2019, using the ACERSAT funds granted by the University of Pavia, the College Alumni organised several cycles of conferences, which all took place in the auditorium of the College and were open to all the student community of the University.
For many years now the Alumni Association has been promoting ‘Cairoli Thursdays’, i.e. themed conferences with important exponents of different sectors of culture, famous nationally or internationally.
Moreover, in Colleges, courses and tutoring activities are held on a regular basis and mostly free of charge, if not for an accessible price. This represents another of the endless opportunities college life offers.

Blues in Cairoli

Every year, summer in Pavia is animated by the vivacity of college parties and balls. Cairoli College’s party is one of the most popular and it stands out for its elegance. The event takes place in the College garden: it involves a buffet, refined cocktails, live music by a blues band and, finally, a DJ set.

Sports and College tournaments

Students can decide to join the College’s teams for the following sports: football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, cross country and dragon boat (rowing). Each of these teams is partner of the CUS and regularly takes part in tournaments with all the other colleges.
Sport at Cairoli is a great chance to get involved with and meet people from other colleges and faculties.
The students at Cairoli also organise Wave Runs, which are runs around the historical centre of Pavia, open to all University students that want to get moving together. A list of the events organised by the alumni can be found at Facebook page run by the alumni.

College Treasure Hunt

The College Treasure Hunt is undoubtedly the most popular goliardic event: teams from all 17 colleges, made up from first year students, challenge each other on the streets of the historical centre, looking for hints to reach the final destination by solving riddles and going through obstacle courses. In 2018, for the first time in its history, Cairoli College came first; in 2019, it came third.

College excursions

Among the events organised by the Alumni, excursions are very popular and heavily attended (‘Salone del Libro’, Turin, May 2016 - ‘Real Bodies’ exhibition, Milan, November 2016 - ‘Vittoriale degli Italiani’ and Salò Museum, May 2017 - Munich, Germany, academic year 2017/2018).
During the academic year 2018/2019, thanks to the funds of the Alumni association and the initiative of the students, the College organised a trip to the CERN in Genève, Switzerland, to visit the LHC particle accelerator.