An unique life experience
The College is not just a place to sleep, it's much more.
To live in a College in Pavia means embracing a choice of residency that for decades has distinguished and still distinguishes the life of this university and this city.


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Where are we

About the college

Studying at a university college is an important experience both to limit the costs of living outside the university and to be able to count on a place of personal growth that goes beyond the guarantee of a place to sleep.
College F.lli Cairoli di Pavia, one of the 12 structures of Pavia's Ente per il diritto alla studio (EDISU), offers its students a wide range of services and activities that complement and enrich the offer of the University, in order to satisfy in an articulated way the aspirations and vocations of students on a scientific and cultural level.
The collegial experience, precisely because it is different from the purely residential experience, represents an opportunity for socialization, mutual collaboration and solidarity. The community aspect makes it possible to develop relationships of friendship and to share personal and cultural experiences: by age, by scientific field, by geographical origin, by language, by personal aptitudes. A small workshop that teaches to confront each other, to clash, to deal with the ideas and personalities of others, just as it will be repeatedly experienced in the events of real life.
These objectives are expressed both in the various services and functions of an supra-individual nature that find space internally: conventions and conferences, mentoring and orientation, library and art gallery, choir of the College, meetings with businesses, and in the various initiatives and traditions that feed the spirit of belonging: Alumni Association, period of the freshman, sports tournaments with other colleges, goliardy.