Alumni Association

Living in College is a life-changing experience

The association is active and operates inside the college, organising a cycle of conferences every year (‘Cairoli Thursdays’) in which famous guests are invited from all around Italy.

History and activity

On 20th January 1979, 30 years after the entrance of the first students in Cairoli, 9 alumni and the Rector of the College at the time, Marco Fraccaro, founded the Alumni Association of Cairoli College.
In those 30 years, over 500 students lived and studied in Cairoli. For some of them, the College represented a home after the tragedies of the war. The relationships they built lasted their entire life. The students came from regions all around Italy; Cairoli was a public college, as its students did not necessarily have to be from Lombardy. Students got in and stayed in for merit.

A dive into the past

Since 1948, every year, pictures of the alumni have been taken. By clicking on the following link you can take a look at the history of the ‘Cairolini’ who lived here!

Look at photos from 1948 to today


The Alumni Association is able to offer students financial help (through scholarships, conferences and so on) thanks to its members’ donations.
If you’re interested in making a donation, contact the secretary via the ‘contacts’ page.

Honorary alumni

Luigi BERTONE, Franco BOGGERI, Ferdinando BONA, Marziano BRIGNOLI, Orio CIFERRI, Remo DAL MASO, Salvatore DE RISKY, Mario DONDI, Francesco ERRICHIELLO, Emilio GABBA, Renato GARIBALDI, Giancarlo GRECO, Mino MILANI, Vittorio ORTALI, Roberto PALUDETTI, Luciano RAIMONDI, Angelo RAVETTA, Ugo REITANO, Hans RICHTER, Faustino SAVOLDI, Roberto SCHMID, Luciano TIEPOLO, Ulrich WOLF, Adalberto PIAZZOLI, Michele DE LUCA, Giuseppe MIGLIO, Giacomo RIZZOLATTI.

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