Searching for the sustainable city? Smarter citizens and SDG11

28th of May 2018 - at 4 PM

This presentation is based on a current three year British Academy funded research project on 'Infrastructure governance for inclusive, smart and sustainable cities'. We live in times when there is no shortage of adjectives added to cities - smart cities, intelligent cities, wiser cities, innovative cities, healthy cities, resilient cities and of course in the context of SDGs the sustainable cities. Each of these ideas and concepts has important dimensions of well-being behind it. Are these ideas mutually exclusive and are they ever achievable or are they mere chimera of fashions for fazed policy analysts to adapt as a way to frame change agenda and attract new funding? Drawing upon international case studies and analysis, the presentation will highlight some important challenges and possible ways forward in thinking about sustainable cities.

Biography: Dr PB Anand is a Reader in Environmental Economics and Public Policy at the University of Bradford and a Fellow of the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA). Prior to embarking on an academic career starting with his doctoral research at the University of Strathclyde more than two decades ago, Anand trained as an urban planner and worked in urban governance and development for a decade mainly in India. He is the principal investigator of a British Academy funded IPM Research Grant on inclusive, smart and sustainable cities. He is currently guest editing a special issue of the journal Sustainable Cities and Society and is an editorial adviser of Cities and Health. He has been the principal author of the Mongolia National Human Development Report 2011. He has just completed editing a large volume titled Handbook of BRICS and Emerging Economies being published by the Oxford University Press. Anand is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and recently won the Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching (2017).